Corporate Mammography
Screening Program

“The health of our employees is extremely important to us, and we are in constant search for new ways to offer more benefits. Pacific Coast Medical Services has been invited to our facility for the past two years – each year finding associates who have needed additional testing. Not one of them had any idea there was a concern. Catching breast cancer early can save our employees a lot of heartache and money, and ultimately their lives.

With PCMS, scheduling mammograms is always easy. They have great follow-up, and everything runs smoothly. I would recommend their services to any company.”

Erica McCormick
The Complete Logistics Company


Mobile mammography offers your company the ability to safely and conveniently provide diagnostic mammograms to your employees at your corporate location… a cost effective and administratively efficient alternative to traditional screening options.

PCMS’s mobile services offer the advantages of administering health benefits in a more efficient and cost-effective manner by allocating labor, time, and resources more effectively at your place of business.

Mobile mammography increases productivity by eliminating time away from the workplace.

On-Site, Mobile Benefits:

Comparison of Traditional and Mobile Mammograms:

Mobile Mammography           
By coming to your location, we eliminate the inconvenience to your employees of having to travel to an offsite facility for the screening

Travel time is no different than an average trip to the workplace because the procedure is performed at your location

Screenings are scheduled at the convenience of you and your employees

One central location for service questions, costs, technical support and insurance claims. One company/provider to save you time

Mobile mammography requires only 10 minutes to perform and can be scheduled to avoid any disruption to work flow

The screening can be scheduled during a short coffee break

Traditional Mammogram
Travel time varies from several minutes to a few hours depending on the proximity and availability of mammogram clinics

Patients are scheduled by the clinic, one at a time and probably on varying days

Cost per mammogram varies depending on the clinic

Each worker must take work/personal time to have the screening performed

Waiting rooms and procedure times vary

After travel, waiting room and procedure time, the majority of a useful workday has been lost.

Employer Benefits

Mobile mammography saves the lives of thousands of women, it also saves businesses hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each year.

Less Absenteeism: Cancers that are detected early usually require less extensive medical treatment and far fewer days away from work.

Greater Productivity: A mammogram takes just 10 minutes. In the same time as an average coffee break an employee can have a potentially life-saving mammogram. If she scheduled the same test in a hospital or center, she could be away from work for a minimum of two hours.

Reduced Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Pay:  Early detection can help employers avoid or reduce disability expenses.

Lower Insurance Premiums: The average cost to treat early stage breast cancer is $11,000. The average cost to treat late stage breast cancer is $143,000. This can result in the increase to an employer’s insurance premiums. Simple diagnostic mammograms can find and diagnose breast cancer before it becomes a life-threatening condition.

Enhanced Employer/Employee Relationship: Many employees appreciate the opportunity to participate in health screenings, such as mobile mammography, while at work.

Facts about Breast Cancer in the Workplace

Women comprise 46% of the total U.S. workforce and are protected to account for 47% by 2014.

In the U.S., of the 118 million women age 16 and over, 70 million (nearly 60%) are workforce participants (working or looking for work).

Women are projected to account for 51% of the increase in total workforce growth between 2004-2014.

In 2007, approximately 179,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S.

Source: Quick Stats 2006

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