Compassionate. Reliable. Dedicated.

We approach every patient with the philosophy:
“What would I do if this person was a member of my family?”

Pacific Coast Medical Services (PCMS), the leading mobile imaging company in Southern California, is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of health care and radiology services. Established in 1989, PCMS performs mobile, portable X-ray and mammography services to a wide and diverse range of clients and institutions.

PCMS services imaging centers, nursing facilities and rehabilitation centers, as well as physicians and corporate offices. Our mobile services provide many advantages including compassionate, reliable and patient-oriented examinations that can be performed at bedside or in the office. Mobile services eliminate cumbersome, costly and time-consuming deterrents to care such as transportation to the hospital, lengthy scheduling procedures, and coordination of manpower and resources.

One of the few mobile mammography providers in the state of California, PCMS performs thousands of mammograms on an annual basis.

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